Another failed plan

The key to a successful diet is careful planning. Especially when it comes to eating out. I know that. In fact, I almost always get online to look at a restaurant’s menu to see what I can “legally” eat before I go.

I went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch. When I go to a Mexican place, I always get chicken fajitas, minus the tortillas. That costs me 6 or 7 points (I’m a Weight Watchers kinda girl). And that’s what I ordered today.

But that’s not what I got. When our order came out, the server presented me with steak fajitas. Now, the logical thing to do would have been to send it back. So is that what I did?


I didn’t want to wait for them to cook another batch.

I didn’t want my husband to feel like he couldn’t eat his meal.

Most of all, I didn’t want to have to tell the server he made a mistake. I’m not good with confrontations.

So I ate it. After all, I thought, how bad can steak be for you?

The answer? Very bad. That stupid cow meat doubled the points value of my meal.

And you know what that means? It means I have to have 0 point soup and salad without dressing for dinner. Mmmm, scrumptious.

So, what have we learned today?

First, I need to grow a spine.

And second, even the best plan in the world won’t do you any good if you don’t stick to it.

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  1. Happens to me too. I hate seeming like a trouble maker. 🙂

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