Cruising with your inner skinny girl

Last week, I found myself faced with the biggest diet challenge ever invented—the cruise vacation.

Those stories you hear? The ones that start with “I went on a cruise” and end with “and gained 25 pounds in seven days?”

Probably not an exaggeration.

Food is everywhere. All the time. Want a greasy slab of pizza and a Chicago dog at 3 a.m.? No problem. A six-egg omelet, loaf of French toast and an entire side of bacon for breakfast? It’s yours for the asking.

Go ahead. Ask for two entrees. Get three pina coladas before breakfast. There are no limits, people. None at all.

So what’s a girl who just bought a whole new wardrobe to do?

Get good at ignoring that inner five-year-old. And establish some pretty strict ground rules:

  1. Keep to a regular meal schedule. In other words, go for three squares, not eight.
  2. Save the drinks until it’s actually 5 o’clock. The bar staff is everywhere—get a drink every time they come around and it’s easy to consume 598234643987568534 calories before lunch.
  3. Set a one buffet trip per meal limit. This one’s tough. But important. Before you ever pick up a plate, walk around every buffet counter available to evaluate your choices (there are lots of them). Then make a decision and stick to it. Fill up your plate once and only once. Then leave (it’s easier not to cave that way).
  4. YOU CAN ONLY HAVE ONE DESSERT. Would you have three at home? No. So don’t start doing it now.
  5. Remember, fruit is your friend. And it’s the one healthy snack that’s always available.
  6. There’s a gym. Use it. Just remember, the boat’s moving. So when you’re running on a treadmill, it’s best to hang on. Trust me on this one.

Those were the rules. And I stuck to them…for the most part. However, I’m going to avoid the scale for a few days. I don’t think I’d like what it has to say right now.

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  1. Being in a cruise vacation is one hell of a temptation. I think many many woman fall into the evil of cruise vacaion but still comeback for more 😀

  2. Hmmmm…this is troubling. I don’t think you should worry about gaining weight when you go on vacation. I’m not saying you should completely overindulge but for crying out loud…enjoy yourself…its a vacation! I’m also quite offended by the title of this blog “The Skinny Girl Inside.” I am a firm believer in body acceptance and guess what? Not everyone is meant to be skinny!!!!! I encourage you to join me by eating a cheeseburger:

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