What does skinny look like?

In the short time since I began this blog, I’ve talked a lot about how much weight I’ve lost in the last eleven months. Forty-five pounds, for those of you who haven’t been paying attention.

That’s how much the average 6-year-old girl (and sixteen-year-old model) weighs.

That makes me a size 10—which, as I was recently reminded by a reader, does not make me skinny by society’s standards.

What does it make me? Healthy. Happy. And hot in the eyes of my husband.

It puts the strut back in my walk.

The waist back above my hips.

The chin back in my face.

You get the idea.

But a picture, as they say, is worth a thousand words, so see for yourself:

Here’s a full-length shot of me last March.
Me. March 2007.

And one taken two weeks ago.
On the Carnival Legend. April 2008.

Me in all my chipmunk-cheeked splendor last year.
Me. march 2007.

And a goofy picture of me enjoying my lunch.

Amber. 2008.

So. That’s what skinny looks like to me. My version of skinny certainly won’t put me on the cover of a magazine—but it will keep me from becoming part of the dreadful obese person B-roll that pops up on the evening news.

Now it’s your turn.

What does skinny look like to you?

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