Finally, a diet book that rocks.

Alright, so it’s not technically a diet book. But Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster really does rock.

You won’t find any recipes. Or diet tips. Or any real exercise advice.

She doesn’t go out of her way to try to motivate you. In fact, she spends the first half of the book giving you all the proof you’d ever need that diets are doomed to fail.

So why’s it so great?

‘Cause she tells it like it is. She’s funny as hell. And she gets it.

Dieting sucks donkey kong. But if you work it right, you can make it work—without declaring food the enemy.

Her rant on the cake haters at Weight Watchers meetings alone is worth the price of the book. Seriously.

So, all 10 of you who read this blog, go get this book. Because no, you can’t borrow mine. I don’t want this one disappearing on me—it’s one I plan on re-reading obsessively.

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